Welcome to the Darknet

"Darknet is a metaphor for the hidden-away matter of the Web - the burgeoning pool of weblogs, independent sites and grassroots media well outside the limelight of big media. Collectively, this "long tail," as Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson put it, far outweighs all the bright material of the commercial Web sites with their seemingly impressive vast swaths of traffic. The dark tail is where the hope and promise of the Web resides."

Darknet -- by J.D. Lasica

The Open Source Tax

As a Linux user, I've seen many articles about what's known as the "Microsoft Tax". However, as Linux slowly seems to be catching on with the general computing populace, I'm seeing a corollary to this that I think of as the Open Source Tax.

The Importance of Power Regulation

A computer hardware course I once took taught a valuable lesson - when troubleshooting, start at the wall and work your way out. This is true in a number of ways. Computer problems often start with what comes out of the wall socket. Investing a few dollars can save many more later on.

Marketing vs. Worth

It's been a while since I had anything come along that struck me as comment-worthy enough to put here. But that changed this week. It's the first week of October, the nights are cooler, the leaves are turning, and Amazon's marketing machine is in full swing. Of course, I've made my feelings about marketing known before, but this week's headlines give a prime example of the reason I don't pay attention to advertising.

Why DIY?

As a computer geek, I am occasionally asked if I'll build someone else a system; rather like being a pickup truck owner and being asked to help someone haul things. I don't really have an issue with helping someone out, but the question that needs to be asked is why? The usual answer is cost; most people feel building a PC from scratch is cheaper, and that couldn't be further from the truth.

The Advertising Infection

I hate advertising, it affects me the way some people are affected by fingernails on a blackboard. One of the (myriad) reasons I quit using Windows PC's was because of the endless barrage of advertising - or branding as it's known in marketing circles. I can only assume most people have a higher tolerance for this garbage than I do.

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